Friday, 8 January 2016

New Year - New Ideas!

I'm not a person who makes endless New Year resolutions--they only tend to get broken and then the guilt takes over. So instead of setting hard and fast rules for myself, this year I've taken more time to look back at what I've achieved and what I'm going to try and achieve this year with my writing.

I had my debut novel published AND also the second book in the series. 2 BOOKS RELEASED IN 2015. I'm pretty chuffed about that. I did my first book signing and it went really well--I met lots of interesting people and had a great time chatting to everyone who came to say hello.

I also had two short stories accepted for an anthology Not-So-Local Legends of Triumph and Terror which will be published later this year.

I made several new 'writing' contacts as well as making lots of new friends along the way.
I also made a start on some new stories which I'm incredibly excited to get into the world for you all to read. These include:

INIQUITY - I'm working on an official blurb for this NA Dark Romantic Fantasy. If you like demons, and a world thrown into darkness, then you may like to keep your eyes open for its release.

It's still in its early stages, currently with its first CP, and then there's another CP and structural feedback from an editor before I decide exactly how I'm going to approach publishing it.

GLOW - Originally written as a short story for entry into an anthology, this NA Dark Romantic Fantasy is a mix-up of fairytale retellings. If you like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and maybe a little bit of Snow White, then this story may grab you. But be warned, it's certainly not to be read as a bedtime story.

I've also given a lot of thought to two stories I wrote several years ago. The story lines for both still really excite me, and I'm contemplating rewriting them for release - these will be self-published.

The first story is slightly different from what I normally write as it's NA Contemporary Romance. A college girl and a rockstar. Think you've read something like it before? Think again. This is one heck of a ride!

The second story is, one again, a NA Dark Romantic Fantasy. This one features Vampires. In fact it's the story that persuaded me to write the Sachael books. I'm thinking on a new title for this, and unfortunately it may not get my attention this year as there is more than enough to do with everything else I'm already committed to.

I'm currently editing Sachael Delusions, the third book in the Mine Series, as well as pushing on with Iniquity. It's more than enough to concentrate on at the moment.

So, back to my books that are available and out there for you to read. Sachael Dreams, and Sachael Desires are available on ebook/kindle on Amazon and as signed paperbacks from me (email to start the ball rolling on cost and postage)

If you've read the books and want to chat to me about them, drop me a line--I'm usually easy to find hanging around on twitter or facebook.

Thank you for your support this year, and I hope you continue to keep in touch with me and what I'm doing.


Melody xxx

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