Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Boxes and boxes awaited me when I returned home from work yesterday. All of them were full of copies of SACHAEL DREAMS.

Yes! They're here!

I have to keep pinching myself to remind me all this is real. I only started this incredible journey a few years ago, and I still have more of these days to come with the release of the other book sin the series. It's unbelievable and a dream come true.

But, as my gran use to say. 'There's no rest for the wicked.'

I'm already throwing myself into my final edits on SACHAEL DESIRES before my editor gets a look at it in all its rough glory. I'm running through second edits on SACHAEL DELUSIONS and I'm writing SACHAEL DESTINY.

And - if anyone would like a signed paperback copy of SACHAEL DREAMS, or any of the other items on my website (mermaid beaded bookmarks/limited edition set of character cards) then please let me know and I'll sort a final cost out for you including postage. Items are limited, but I will do my best to get everything to everyone who wants something (other than the character sets - once they've gone, they've gone - no more will be printed for SACHAEL DREAMS)

Signed copy of Sachael Dreams: £11.00
Mermaid Bookmarks: £5.00
Limited edition character postcards (Set of 7): £5.00
Sachael Dreams Ultimate Gift Pack (All the above plus keychain): £25.00

Contact me at stating what you're interested in and I'll get back to you with a total cost.

Until later - keep dreaming.

Melody xxx

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