Wednesday, 4 March 2015


So, a mail package arrived today - one that contained postcards! These postcards aren't your normal ones, oh no, these are the limited edition SACHAEL DREAMS postcards.

For each of the 4 books in the series I will be releasing 7 character postcards. There are only a hundred of each character, they will never be repeated, so when they've gone they've gone.

The set for Sachael Dreams features:


*please note the quotes on each card have altered since the following image was captured.*

I'll be selling the complete sets on my website ( ) within the next few weeks so if you're interested keep your eyes open for a blog post updating you, or follow me on twitter or facebook because I'll shout about it there as well.

But, this gets even better. Not only will I be selling the limited edition postcards, I'll be selling mermaid bookmarks, handmade by me, AND I'll be selling signed copies of the paperback of Sachael Dreams.

There'll be special discounted prices for selected packages ie The Ultimate Gift pack: this will include a signed copy of Sachael Dreams, a set of the limited edition postcards, a handmade mermaid bookmark AND a beaded keychain (Only available in this ultimate gift pack)

So keep listening and don't miss out!

Love Melody xxx

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