Friday, 20 September 2013

September is always a strange month for me. The cold mornings, but regular sunny skies always remind me of Ravenscar. This year is no different. At the end of the month I will be taking my yearly trip to Ravenscar for a long writing weekend. Even though the third book, which I have just started writing, is not based in this remote town, I still feel closer to Estelle and Azariah while walking around the cliff tops and rocky stretches of beach.

I'm constantly  surprised by the beauty of the place as it changes through the seasons, although I have yet to see it when the fog covers the top of the cliffs or when snow blankets the ground. I imagine the fog would make the whole town very eerie, but the snow, by contrast, would make it stunning.

I was recently contacted by someone on twitter who alerted me to a feature film he would be making in Ravenscar - a thriller. Obviously this is something far away from the genre of Sachael Dreams, but it was exciting to discover that someone else has obviously seen the visual potential that Ravenscar offers.  With the excitement came a little bit of jealousy as well. I feel that Ravenscar is mine - a place where my characters live - not a man featured in a thriller. It's strange how attached I have become to the place in such a short passing of time.

Just in case anyone has forgotten - THIS is Ravenscar in the background.

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