Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I've just got back  from Ravenscar. My friends and I had an amazing time.

Ravenscar never ceases to deliver! The scenery is stunning, and each time I visit I uncover another secret walkway that has remained hidden from me on previous trips. This time we ventured down to the barn that is clearly visible from the top of Ravenscar. I had always imagined this building to be where Estelle lived, and the apprehension I felt as we approached it was crazy. I don't know what I expected - Estelle to walk out of the door?

We also braved the dizzy height of the cliff face at Ravenscar, and headed down the 600ft drop to the bottom. We were rewarded with the company of several seals and a fierce outgoing tide. The mermaids tables gradually uncovered themselves as we waited for the tide to show us their position, although our impatience left us with wet feet as surges of water caught us out many times!


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