Monday, 6 January 2014


I have some exciting news for you this month, and wanted to share it with you as soon as I found out.

I got through to the final round of the ProjectREUTSway challenge!

The final decision is due to be announced on 31st January. I will find out whether I am a runner up, have one or even two stories due to be published! It's all very exciting, and I am so happy to have been selected as a finalist!

Whatever the result - I will make the stories available on my website - the page is already set up. (If a story is selected for the publication then, unfortunately for now, I will not be able to publish it on my website - but I will publish the others!)

So, just to tempt you a little bit more - I have posted some very simple covers that I designed for the stories. You can see them here on my website.

As a reminder - here are the weekly challenges:

Week 1 – Bloody Ever After
Theme: Vampires, Revenants, Chupacabras, Cannibals and/or Bloodsuckers of some kind.

Week 2 – The Ugly Dead
Theme: Zombies, Mummies, Ghosts, etc.

Week 3 – Fairy Tales from Hell
Theme: Demons, Fallen Angels, Succubae, etc.

Week 4 – Shifty Stories to Read in the Dark
Theme: Werewolves and other Were-Animals–Therianthropy of all kinds, really–Skin-Walkers, Shape Shifters, Selkies, etc.

Take care.

Melody xxx

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