Saturday, 19 April 2014

What? An update?


Yes, I know it's been a week, two, three...okay, even more. I made a promise to post every week, and I've broken it--several times over.

I have no excuse other than one week led to another and then another etc etc. So, I'm not promising that I'll post every week, but I will try to bring you something of interest. This could be something about me, what books I've read, new releases in the book world that I'm excited about, and news regarding my friends in the writing world. I'll try and mix things up and give you something different each week.

So... for this post, I thought I'd share one of my short stories I entered into the ProjectREUTSway challenge. It's called Ugly Beautiful and was my twist on The Ugly Duckling. The subject matter is quite gory seeing as the prompt for the challenge was 'Bloody Ever After'. Be warned - it's not pretty! It has its own page and will be kept on my blog for the foreseeable future.

This Easter week I've stayed with relatives who live in Bridlington. It's along the coast from Ravenscar, and my husband surprised me by planning a trip to 'Estelle's' homeland for a day. As soon as I started walking the trails through the woods and along the cliff top I submerged myself in Estelle's world. It's a world of calm quietness, one that I can only appreciate when I'm there. I'd love to sit on one of the benches and just write for hours on end, but with two excitable children it's impossible. I'll be back with my two friends later this year, so maybe then I'll get the amazing peace and quiet that I'm desperate to experience while writing in such an inspiring place.

Because everyone tells me they also love the visuals of Ravenscar, I've attached a few photographs of our trip. Hope to see you all next week.

Melody xx



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