Friday, 15 November 2013

ProjectREUTSway Challenge #2

This weeks challenge from ProjectREUTSway was an incredibly difficult one for me. Stepping completely out of my comfort zone I had to write about zombies, mummies or ghosts!

I am no zombie girl, and mummies are not a great kink of mine either, so I tried to write a ghost story. Even that proved a difficult thing, but I did eventually pull something together and sent it off yesterday.

The title for this week was The Ugly Dead. My entry was called BREATH OF DEATH and was based around the story of 'The Twelve Dancing Princesses' by the Brothers Grimm.

Half way through the monthly challenges there are only two more to go. I'm hoping for devils, or demons, and possible dragons. There's a lot of discussion on twitter about shapeshifters as well. Maybe I need to bring Orontes into that one! He is an Oceanid after all.

As always here are a few visuals that helped me along my way with this weeks challenge.

Melody xx

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